Welcome to CycloShield project

If you have landed here probably you have a little idea about who we are and what we are trying to do, if not let us to tell you about it.

CycloShield Nano will be the ultimate gadget for cyclists when it hits the market. An ecall security system with video recording able to inform the emergency services and to provide evidence for any event which cause serious risk to your life including drivers unsafely overtaking you or ignoring a safe trailing distance.

Three years ago we discovered by accident how vulnerable cyclists are on a daily basis. A hit and run accident at our hometown was the beginning of this project with Kickstarter as tipping point, we launched a autonomous gadget which didn’t engage with the cycling community because it was too big and expensive, with some obvious defects.

After that we understood how important listening the community is. We are developing a smaller gadget together with an App, and at this point we are still able to implement new features. How often do you have the opportunity to suggest capabilities for a new product?

We encourage you to give us any feedback which you consider relevant for cyclists safety, together we will develop an amazing device and a safer ecosystem for cyclists around the world. Your advice could save someone’s life tomorrow. Find us on Facebook and Twitter or our Email

safety device concept

Becoming an Ironperson

If you have ever heard about the Ironman, probably you have thought about doing it at least once. Our society is giving more importance today to the physical condition that any time before. Our parents and grandparents had a different idea about health, for them being healthy was just the opposite of being sick, accepting even heavy smoking and drinking habits. For us being healthy has a new meaning, not only avoiding sickness but embracing it as a long term way of living.

swimmers ironman ironperson


At this point is when most of us have decided to join the gym, running, swimming, cycling, or any other sport without even thinking about taking it seriously enough to compete. But after some time running people start dreaming about finishing a marathon. If you dream to be a finisher for the Ironman we have good news for you, if you work hard and follow some simple rules, you will able to finish it.


First of all you should take a medical check. If you are going to train for an Ironman, that should be a hobby, not something what put your health at risk. Some medical conditions keep hidden during most of our lives and only show up when we are getting older. Today sports medicine has become more popular, should be easy for you to find a reliable specialist in your area.

Depending of your previous training expertise you should consider to commit with your training for at least 6 months, if you are in good shape, and 2 years, if you are a sedentary person. If you are a sportsperson your training should be focus on predominance of easy rhythms in the three sports, alternating in a progressive way a work of strength and speed. Alternate the different disciplines throughout the week. On the other hand, if you are a beginner you should first try to be familiar with the three sports and start competing on shortest distances for a while.

You can find a lot of training plans in the internet for the different levels, you can adapt them to your lifestyle, but we would strongly recommended to join a triathlon club if you are able to commit for the challenge. For most of us training alone is more difficult than training with someone else, you can share experiences, cheer each other and of course make news friends. Remember that  the trip itself is a reward.


Best foods for Cyclists

Welcome back, this is a follow up for our previous article Nutrition for cycling


Sweet potatoes

Resultado de imagen de sweet potato

The queen of carbs, the staple of our diet. It not only contains carbs but a fair amount of A, E and C vitamins. Minerals that help the muscles recover and perform faster, the body to oxygen and if this wasn’t enough, they are tasty and easy to eat while on the road.

Salmon & oily fish

Resultado de imagen de salmon

Salmon and oily fish contain plenty of proteins and the best kind of fast, that will protect your body and joints from inflammation. The combination of protein and healthy foods will also curb your appetite so another selling point if you are trying to get leaner


Resultado de imagen de eggs

Like Salmon, Omega fats are present here. Eggs are almost compulsory on your post exercise meal due to their excellent amino acid spectrum


Imagen relacionada

No other fruit come close to them when it comes to antioxidants. Antioxidants contain the damage to the muscle from strenuous physical activity, make you recover faster and will even keep you younger. They a perfect companion for the cyclist

Whole-grain cereals

Resultado de imagen de whole-grain cereal

Fibre, usually inexpensive and a great source of energy, not to mention minerals



Resultado de imagen de chicken

Clean protein, probably the king of meats when it comes to sport, it also contains selenium which protects muscle during periods of exertion.


Whey Protein

Resultado de imagen de whey protein

Whey protein is fast to absorb and has an adequate balance of the nine essential amino acids. Your muscles will be grateful and it’s quite tasty


File:Almonds macro 3.jpg

Almonds are convenient during the activity and also after to boost recovery. They contain vitamins, specially E, healthy fats.



We hope you liked the article, we’ll keep writing about nutrition

As always, feel free to ask or comment on our social networks

Nutrition for cycling

Fuel Yourself

Proper nutrition is key for good performance, this is not a thing you should have remember before getting on your bike, building a habit takes time but pays off

Cycling is a very demanding sport, one of the most. Pedalling over long distances, adapting to the road, steep mountain passes, challenging varying weather conditions. Success requires surpassing all those hurdles and you’ll find it easier with the following tips


Exercising won’t always make you hungry, it’s relatively easy to underfeed your body. This might be ok if you want to lose weight but don’t abuse it. It’s also mandatory to hydrate yourself and carry water with you at all times, or a not too sugary sports drink

Before you get on your bike

Don’t eat anything for 3 hours before cycling, water, juices are ok. If you are cycling in the morning, an example breakfast should contain fruits, juices (more on this below) and some protein like eggs, salmon, cheese

During the ride

Remind yourself to drink often. Small bites of tuna, ham, cheese, small chunks of fruits, nuts. Carb bars, carb gels, electrolytes. Bear in mind your body will be longing for quick energy but you don’t want to detract energy from your muscles towards digestion because of hard to digest foods. This means no big amounts, nor fatty foods. Watch out for excessive caffeine intake, it’s diuretic and will make you dehydrate faster

carbs for dinner

drinks, energy drinks, carbs drinks


Make sure you drink plenty of liquid to rehydrate, quality juices, much better if you can juice them too. 30 minutes late some solid food with enough carbs, fruits, rice, oats. I always tend to favour quality food but jams and some treats might have been earned after all that effort

Keep replenishing your body glycogen the following meals with plenty of carbs, specially at night. Protein are less important here but don’t forget to balance elements as per any other healthy diet. You can add quality protein from meat, fish, poultry or dairy based products


carbs for dinner

carbs for dinner

Next article on nutrition will be about specific foods and supplements. Leave us a comment on our social networks if you have questions or suggestions

From Iron to Shield

If you have followed us for a time probably you will remember an accident and a car leaving an injured cyclist on the road, but thinking a little more deeply about it we can say that everything started around 40 years ago in another volcanic islands: Hawaii.


An innocent debate between runners and swimmers about who were more fit, after knowing the performance data of arguably the best cyclist ever, Eddy “The Cannibal” Merckx, ended with the creation of the most epic athletic competition: 2.4 miles swimming, 115 miles cycling and a marathon. On Saturday 18th February 1978 fifteen men started the challenge, twelve of them finished it. The Ironman was born.

IronMan Swimmers

IronMan Swimmers

Gordon Haller

Gordon Haller – 1978


At the same time 8,000 miles away a small danish company was developing a revolutionary idea, create a sports holiday centre on a small island where scandinavian people were able to enjoy warm weather conditions all year around. The place chosen for that purpose was Lanzarote, a spanish island located roughly 80 miles from Africa, without any tourism industry at that time.


The complex was called Club La Santa, like the small village nearby, and have been a cult place for sport training during this time. People like the Olympic Gold Medallist Linford Christie and the Formula1 World Champion Jenson Button have visit the place to avoid the cold winter at home. But the place became popular worldwide after they decided to recreate that hawaiian invention, on 1992 Club La Santa organized the first edition of Ironman Lanzarote with just 150 athletes.

IronMan - Lanzarote

IronMan – Lanzarote

During the years Lanzarote has developed as a well known holiday destination in Europe and Ironman Lanzarote have become a top event, attracting thousands of visitors and creating a sports friendly culture in the island. Cyclists have became part of the landscape as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


On one of these roads, during the summer of 2014, a reckless driver hit a cyclists, the rest is history, our history. The iron was transformed by the heat of the volcanoes into a shield.

PiedPiperCoin aka CycloShieldCoin

Have you seen Silicon Valley?, the HBO show. If you haven’t, the premise is simple

The series focuses on five young men who founded a startup company called Pied Piper in Silicon Valley

Ridiculously funny and some times uncannily realistic, whether you are an startup founder or employee or just curious about start-ups, you’ll relate to a lot of things

Being part of an small startup can be fun but the road is fraught with all kind of perils, hurdles, mistakes and lessons.

However, unlike that TV Show, we are real,  it’s true it can be fun most of the time but not without its dose of accompanying hardships and  frequent struggles to keep the project afloat.  That for another post


Spoilers below!!!

In the show, they ran out of funds a few times and have to pivot some others. Competitors copy their ideas, projects and even code. A continuos race against the clock and a fight for survival. In the last season, they came up with an idea to capitalise on the ICO frenzy. ICOs are similar to IPOs only that the company is not selling shares but cryptocurrency tokens/coins. Despite having some funds from VCs, an ICO gave them liberty as there’s no need to concur to the conventional funding processes and no need to issue more shares.

PiedPiperCoin ICO

We had an ICO too


We too wanted to raise funds this way, we were one of the projects with a working prototype, we will make, we thought. CycloShield Nano will collect real time information (only if you opt in) and it makes sense to rewards users for doing so. This would be a natural use case for a token. Keeping that information available could be another use case for a blockchain. So we started working on formalising the whole thing.

In the beginning was the White-paper

Our white-paper came together quite quickly and we had the deference of using LaTeX to write it. A good habit that seems long lost nowadays.

We wrote our own implementation of CycloShieldCoin, We even wrote our own smart-contract to raise funds but we didn’t want to expose our backers and ourselves to a potential bug there so out of prudence we decided to find an ICO platform to host ours.

Looking for a Trustable platform

After some due diligence, we contacted a few platforms, some hosting huge projects collecting mind blowing amounts. At that time, we pretty much had a solid White paper, peer reviewed and a nice looking website but not much of a community behind

FundYourselfNow was the only one responding, and they said yes. Hooray!. We were very happy that night. We were still not aware of how hard it would be and the masses of hard work lying ahead of us.

Time zone differences didn’t help, most of your meetings happened at 6am and they requested and suggested many changes to our white paper, so our token and some functionalities were altered to accommodate their requests as fast as we could.



Hardest part was possibly agreeing on a date and the amounts. We possibly had less resources for marketing than they originally thought but we still could pay for some bounty campaigns and to get featured on specialised media. We are very thankful to FYN, specially Kenneth, their CTO, always there to help.

This all happened during the big bull market, not only cryptos went up like crazy but every service around them did. Ads, Advertorial content, anything you can think of was ridiculously overpriced.

The Moment of Truth

Some private investors approached us wanting to buy a sizeable amount of tokens but it didn’t pan out.

We didn’t make through the pre-sale and therefore decided to call the ICO off to preserve the funds for our core product, CycloShield Nano. However, we learnt a lot during the process, specially about Marketing and how important listening to the community is. Since then, our team grew and now we have a Marketing expert to help us bring the community a product they’ll love, a product you’ll love.

Pour Conclure

This won’t be the last article depicting our parallelisms to the adventures and misadventures of the brilliant tv show Silicon Valley. Follow us on our social media below and let us know if you enjoyed this post.

We want to dedicate this post to all the people that believe in CycloShieldCoin, although we are not promoting it at the moment to not stretch ourselves too thin, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a plan for it. When our product finally makes it to market, we will be finally able to implement most (if not all) the intended functionalities the token has.


CycloShield Facebook Page

@CycloShield Twitter



Reckless driver going viral

Time and time again we see similar situations, a disrespectful driver for whom keeping a safe passing distance seems inconceivable

Watch this video, which is making the rounds on youtube, of a lucky rider that escaped what could have been a terrible accident

With the device we are building –CycloShield Nano– the driver wouldn’t have escaped. The threat detection system and the cameras will keep such evidences safe even in the event of a crash.

Our device will be made of a durable material and will automatically push evidence to the cloud if you configure it to do so, reducing the risk of evidence loss in the event of destruction of the device


Read our first post, our mission is to save lives and if we are able to educate a few drivers along the way, then so be it

A new hope

Welcome to CycloShield. Over the past few years, we’ve been working together in a variety of cool gadgets but a gruesome accident involving a cyclist really shook us up. This accident was classic hit and run, the driver left the cyclist lying on the road, without calling for help. There were no witnesses and no easy way to identify the vehicle

And furthermore, why not a unified device with camera, unattended SOS alerts, proximity and threat detection? CycloShield was born

Join our newsletter for the journey towards an open device, open in the sense that you will be able to repair and extend it as you wish. Break the shackles of proprietary and copyrighted devices. We are building a better and cheaper device. Make a difference and help us build the perfect solution




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