Becoming an Ironperson

If you have ever heard about the Ironman, probably you have thought about doing it at least once. Our society is giving more importance today to the physical condition that any time before. Our parents and grandparents had a different idea about health, for them being healthy was just the opposite of being sick, accepting even heavy smoking and drinking habits. For us being healthy has a new meaning, not only avoiding sickness but embracing it as a long term way of living.

swimmers ironman ironperson


At this point is when most of us have decided to join the gym, running, swimming, cycling, or any other sport without even thinking about taking it seriously enough to compete. But after some time running people start dreaming about finishing a marathon. If you dream to be a finisher for the Ironman we have good news for you, if you work hard and follow some simple rules, you will able to finish it.


First of all you should take a medical check. If you are going to train for an Ironman, that should be a hobby, not something what put your health at risk. Some medical conditions keep hidden during most of our lives and only show up when we are getting older. Today sports medicine has become more popular, should be easy for you to find a reliable specialist in your area.

Depending of your previous training expertise you should consider to commit with your training for at least 6 months, if you are in good shape, and 2 years, if you are a sedentary person. If you are a sportsperson your training should be focus on predominance of easy rhythms in the three sports, alternating in a progressive way a work of strength and speed. Alternate the different disciplines throughout the week. On the other hand, if you are a beginner you should first try to be familiar with the three sports and start competing on shortest distances for a while.

You can find a lot of training plans in the internet for the different levels, you can adapt them to your lifestyle, but we would strongly recommended to join a triathlon club if you are able to commit for the challenge. For most of us training alone is more difficult than training with someone else, you can share experiences, cheer each other and of course make news friends. Remember that  the trip itself is a reward.


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