Best foods for Cyclists

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Sweet potatoes

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The queen of carbs, the staple of our diet. It not only contains carbs but a fair amount of A, E and C vitamins. Minerals that help the muscles recover and perform faster, the body to oxygen and if this wasn’t enough, they are tasty and easy to eat while on the road.

Salmon & oily fish

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Salmon and oily fish contain plenty of proteins and the best kind of fast, that will protect your body and joints from inflammation. The combination of protein and healthy foods will also curb your appetite so another selling point if you are trying to get leaner


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Like Salmon, Omega fats are present here. Eggs are almost compulsory on your post exercise meal due to their excellent amino acid spectrum


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No other fruit come close to them when it comes to antioxidants. Antioxidants contain the damage to the muscle from strenuous physical activity, make you recover faster and will even keep you younger. They a perfect companion for the cyclist

Whole-grain cereals

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Fibre, usually inexpensive and a great source of energy, not to mention minerals



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Clean protein, probably the king of meats when it comes to sport, it also contains selenium which protects muscle during periods of exertion.


Whey Protein

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Whey protein is fast to absorb and has an adequate balance of the nine essential amino acids. Your muscles will be grateful and it’s quite tasty


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Almonds are convenient during the activity and also after to boost recovery. They contain vitamins, specially E, healthy fats.



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