Nutrition for cycling

Fuel Yourself

Proper nutrition is key for good performance, this is not a thing you should have remember before getting on your bike, building a habit takes time but pays off

Cycling is a very demanding sport, one of the most. Pedalling over long distances, adapting to the road, steep mountain passes, challenging varying weather conditions. Success requires surpassing all those hurdles and you’ll find it easier with the following tips


Exercising won’t always make you hungry, it’s relatively easy to underfeed your body. This might be ok if you want to lose weight but don’t abuse it. It’s also mandatory to hydrate yourself and carry water with you at all times, or a not too sugary sports drink

Before you get on your bike

Don’t eat anything for 3 hours before cycling, water, juices are ok. If you are cycling in the morning, an example breakfast should contain fruits, juices (more on this below) and some protein like eggs, salmon, cheese

During the ride

Remind yourself to drink often. Small bites of tuna, ham, cheese, small chunks of fruits, nuts. Carb bars, carb gels, electrolytes. Bear in mind your body will be longing for quick energy but you don’t want to detract energy from your muscles towards digestion because of hard to digest foods. This means no big amounts, nor fatty foods. Watch out for excessive caffeine intake, it’s diuretic and will make you dehydrate faster

carbs for dinner

drinks, energy drinks, carbs drinks


Make sure you drink plenty of liquid to rehydrate, quality juices, much better if you can juice them too. 30 minutes late some solid food with enough carbs, fruits, rice, oats. I always tend to favour quality food but jams and some treats might have been earned after all that effort

Keep replenishing your body glycogen the following meals with plenty of carbs, specially at night. Protein are less important here but don’t forget to balance elements as per any other healthy diet. You can add quality protein from meat, fish, poultry or dairy based products


carbs for dinner

carbs for dinner

Next article on nutrition will be about specific foods and supplements. Leave us a comment on our social networks if you have questions or suggestions

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