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If you have landed here probably you have a little idea about who we are and what we are trying to do, if not let us to tell you about it.

CycloShield Nano will be the ultimate gadget for cyclists when it hits the market. An ecall security system with video recording able to inform the emergency services and to provide evidence for any event which cause serious risk to your life including drivers unsafely overtaking you or ignoring a safe trailing distance.

Three years ago we discovered by accident how vulnerable cyclists are on a daily basis. A hit and run accident at our hometown was the beginning of this project with Kickstarter as tipping point, we launched a autonomous gadget which didn’t engage with the cycling community because it was too big and expensive, with some obvious defects.

After that we understood how important listening the community is. We are developing a smaller gadget together with an App, and at this point we are still able to implement new features. How often do you have the opportunity to suggest capabilities for a new product?

We encourage you to give us any feedback which you consider relevant for cyclists safety, together we will develop an amazing device and a safer ecosystem for cyclists around the world. Your advice could save someone’s life tomorrow. Find us on Facebook and Twitter or our Email

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One thought on “Welcome to CycloShield project

  1. Richard Barnbrook / Reply July 8, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Hi there here are my initial comments as some of the built in features that could be included:

    Car detection: Could provide indication to rider for approaching vehicle useful on country road etc..

    Active lighting: WIll provide feedback to the driver behind. This could include a overtaking safety zone that is switched on as the vehicle approaches using lazer to make out an area on the road.

    Bracket holding the device could be designed in such a way that in a heavy accident it would break causing feedback to the system that an accident has just happened.

    Accelerometer used to detect accident.

    Blind spot detection, when a vehicle is behind or to the side indication to rider not to change lane.

    Feedback to a rider if approaching vehicle is speeding.

    Feedback to rider if approaching vehicle is not moving over sufficiently.

    SOS button so that rider can call 999 recorded message to operator with location cyclist in “trouble SOS button pressed”. Could also call relative preprogrammed.

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